Oversized Body Pillow by blowout beddingThe Oversized Body Pillow from Blowout Bedding is a fluffy 20 by 90 inches in dimensions and perfectly suitable for pregnant women and adults. Its super soft exterior with 100% polyester filling makes it extremely comfortable to lounge on. It’s size and girth provides a cozy shape to cuddle against and lean on while sleeping. For those light sleepers who love sleeping on their side, the oversized body pillow is truly a gift because it allows them to rest snugly and without any discomfort.

Such is the comfort that this pillow offers that pregnant women find it extremely handy to rest their distended bellies on for a restful sleep at night. Hence, many people refer to it as the pregnancy pillow too. Nothing beats the comfort of a oversized body pillow. This overly long pillow is great to sleep on and snuggle with on those lazy afternoons when staying indoors is akin to being in heaven!

The Oversized Body Pillow is firm enough to take your body weight without crumbling and soft enough to provide support by curving around your body and head. The pillow is long enough that it can be folded around without any difficulty. The fact that it can be machine washed at home is an added bonus and the product is definitely worth the cost when bought online.

What I like

  • Long, comfy and firm pillow. It will definitely last for a long time
  • You can easily fold the pillow to suite your needs. You can also wrap it around you
  • Ideal for preventing back pain
  • The pillow comes with its own zippered white cover
  • Cheaper than other body pillows

What I didn’t like

  • This pillow seems a bit heavy
  • Due to its size, hubby can’t stay by your side
  • The free pillow cover is a little rough and may irritate you
  • Again, because of it’s size this pillow will not fit a king size bed. You can look at this body pillows instead

I find out that this pillow really works well and can give you the whole body support for your pregnancy needs. It’s sturdy and huggable. Its size? Well, it can be a double-edged sword. Big enough to support your body but at the expense of no more cuddling with hubby at night.

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