Being pregnant is a blessing, and many women look forward to it. But the other side of pregnancy is the symptoms and complications often experienced at different stages of a woman’s gestation period. One of such is the problem of pains, usually experienced in the abdominal, hips, waist, back and belly areas. In addressing the pains, however, efforts are being made to provide relieving products for pregnant mothers, preparatory for any such experience during pregnancy.

Leacho Snoogle Mini Compact Side SleeperThe Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow is a candy cane shaped product (or looking like a question mark) effective for relieving pregnancy body pains in expectant mothers. Unlike a total body pillow, this compact pregnancy pillow is targeting specific parts of your body. A pregnant mom will find soothing relieve from back, legs and tummy pains using this amazing product. One of the benefits of the product is that it allows for total comforts and from experience, ability to breathe freely, and ease from heartburn are particularly remarkable in using the product. No wonder it is one of the best selling compact pregnancy pillows in the market today.

I am 5’2(I am petite you know!), that’s why I decided to order this product when I found out that this will fit smaller women/men. When I first received the product, it feels fluffy because it is not vacuum-packed. The first night I used it, it really feels comfortable and supportive. Due to its compact size, I can move around, changed my position freely in the middle of the night without worrying.

It fitted me perfectly and feel just right, enough to provide support to my neck to around my knee area. This pillow will also fit taller women because my sister-in-law who is around 5’8 used it without any problems. Another, good thing about the pillow is in fact, your husband can sleep beside you because it is really compact. We love that right?

What I like

  • The size! I know that big pillows are all the rage this days, but when you like a compact pillow that can support you then you should consider this
  • Blend with body natural shape. The sleeper mini can be formed to take your natural body shape and used more comfortably
  • Very comfortable and fitting perfectly in bed
  • Very compact and easier to move for moms who move around in bed during sleep
  • Can take any shape, very adaptable to any use, including folding it into an “O” shape for tummy support
  • Can be adapted as a nursing pillow after birth
  • Good for traveling and high mobility moms as it’s handy and compact

What I didn’t like

  • Only protects specific area, well this is not a full body pillow after all. If you’re looking for full body pillows you can check our body pillow guides
  • Not the thickest pillow
  • Too small for some users
  • Pillow may feel scratchy during the first few nights

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow may not be big, but it is very effective pregnancy body pain reliever I am recommending to all expecting mothers who need something handy to move around. The product has been especially helpful after birth used as a nursing pillow. Again, when using this pillow, your husband will still be at your side and can cuddle and hug you throughout the night.

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