Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow is a great pregnancy body pillow for supporting your total body.I now understand other women who have been pregnant when they shared difficulty in sleeping when the abdominal area is already bulgy. I now know how it uncomfortable it is for the back whenever I lay down on the bed. So, I followed my friends’ advice to look for pregnancy essentials that can help me sleep comfortably.

I tested the Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow and I will share you my experience. First of all, this pillow’s only difference from the best selling Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is this pillow actually includes a jersey knit zippered cover. It offers the same protection as the original Snoogle.

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What I like

I like the feel whenever I hug it because it is made of soft and light materials such as cotton and polyester. It gives me the right amount of warmth I need at night. I also like the C-shape, which allows me have cushion for my head, between the legs and for my back. I was surprised when I discovered that I can use it for multiple positions. I can have the choice to place the curve on my back. I can also place the curve in front me.

One of the best pregnancy body pillowWhen I bought and started using the pregnancy pillow, I began to have better sleep every night. The pillow always gives support to my tummy, back and hips. Because I hug it or it hugs me, I am now able to avoid positions that may be risky for the baby. The uneasiness and discomfort I experience before are now all gone. For months, I was thankful that I decided to purchase the pregnancy pillow. It really functioned as a support to my back and my whole body.

I like the fact that the product already includes a washable cover that is easy to remove and is made with easy-off zipper. This allows me to easily replace the cover whenever I feel like it doesn’t smell good anymore.

What I didn’t like

As it seems, the pregnancy pillow has several benefits. However, it has some weakness that the manufacturers can consider to improve the usability of the pillow. The thickness is okay but I am the type who loves thicker pillows. I didn’t have difficulty in sleeping using it but it could be more comfortable for me if it is a little thicker.

Another weakness, which is partly because of my choice, is the color of the pillow. I grabbed the grayish color because I thought it would complement the overall vibe of my bedroom. But when I was using it already, I felt like it doesn’t help allowing the bedroom to exude a positive vibe. So, I was considering of purchasing a new one with a livelier color. Other pregnant women can also consider this so they won’t have to experience the same dilemma.


With the pros and cons, I can say that the Snoogle Chic Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is a worthy investment. I suggest that you better purchase one even when you are only on your first month of pregnancy. It has some minor weaknesses that can be improved in the production of the next batch of the pillow. It has a lot of benefits that you would wish you had the pillow when you didn’t buy one during your sensitive months of pregnancy.

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