At the beginning of the pregnancy, most of the women are able to sleep well in any position, more or less. However, when you are six, seven or eight months pregnant, this changes. At that time, finding a comfortable sleeping position that helps you and your belly rest becomes a huge challenge right?

What tends to happen is that despite having found a comfortable position at the beginning of the night, it is quite possible that you wake up after a few hours because of the kicks of your baby, or for many other reasons that can range from nausea or heartburn to muscle cramps in your legs. Although the kicks of your baby cannot be avoided, you can find relief with a pregnancy pillow.

Then here comes the J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Maternity Pillow. This pillow is long and big, enough to support your whole body. It is also great for supporting your back and belly. Helping to prevent back pain and sciatica. This maternity body pillow is contoured, meaning the pillow will follow the natural shape of your body.

What I like

  • It has a removable zippered pillowcase: so I can wash it once in a while without complications
  • It helps with many body pains, such as heartburn, sciatica and lower back pain
  • Its unique J-shaped design is perfect for supporting back, belly and head at the same time. Ergonomics are spectacular an unbeatable
  • The size is perfect for our body and doesn’t occupy much space! (60”L x 27”W x 7” H)

What I didn’t like

  • It may be difficult at first to adapt to the use of this kind of pillows –in general, and especially this one for its particular shape-, so do it slowly
  • Even if it is not one of the most expensive pregnancy pillows of the market, it is not for all kind of budgets. The price is a little bit high, depending on each person of course

Remember that not all the pregnancy pillows have the same quality, materials or design, as each model can be created with different purposes. The great deal with J-Shaped Premium is that it covers a huge range of necessities, as it is perfect for many kind of pains and pregnancies.

Definitely, I would strongly recommend to use this pillow to any first-time mother –and not also the first-timers! After all, an improve in our life quality is an improve in the life quality of our baby.
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