Updated, Dec 6 2016. Sleeping is an important part of our lives. And your pillow inevitably determines the comfort of your sleep. That is why choosing the best pillow for side sleepers like you can really make a difference. Studies have revealed that pillows majorly affect the duration and easiness of one’s sleep.

Moreover, if you are a side sleeper, then your pillow plays a significant role as it will either make or break your sleeping routine. In this regard, experts suggest using the pillow that suits you best and that will make all the difference in the world!

Top 5 Pillows for Side Sleepers Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

A lot of folks don’t even take notice of their pillows except when they get a bad sleep and thus suffer from pains such as neck or back pain amongst others. However, recognising the benefits of using the right pillows for rest times makes that big impact on your quality of sleep, your health and your overall total well being.

Whilst there are loads of pillows out there, how can we be able to choose the right ones and those custom tailored for side sleepers. Without further ado, here are the top and most popular side sleeper pillows!

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover
The best selling pillow. It is soft, comfy, hypoallergenic and also dust mite resistant. This pillow will also improve your sleep.Check Price on Amazon Now

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow
One of the best seller pillows of all time. 100% cotton and with Outlast Adaptive Comfort that adjust to your body's temperature.Check Price on Amazon Now

Snuggle-Pedic Queen Size Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
A comfy and firm pillow that will definitely support you while your sleeping.Check Price on Amazon Now

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow
Water based pillow that you can adjust its softness or firmness by reducing the amount of water. The pillow seals are tight so expect no leakage from the pillow.Check Price on Amazon Now

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Stay Cool Bamboo Cover
Dense and a bit heavier than other pillows, it is an assurance that this pillow will provide the support that you need.Check Price on Amazon Now

The Detailed Reviews

1)Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover is the best seller and a relatively affordable pillow at the same time. Made of polyester and bamboo comprising three fifth and two fifth of the mass respectively, the memory foam pillow is resistant to dust mite and is hypoallergenic. This pillow is premium yet budget friendly. It is also machine washable and comes with a five year warranty. The shredded memory foam is a proprietary product and apparently has a unique viscosity and elasticity.

The memory foam pillow has several strengths. The first is the obvious firmness. The pillow is firm enough to offer the support your head and neck needs. More important is the alignment of the head with your back. That is what this pillow assures. Whether you are sleeping on your back or sideways, you will get an amazing lift with the pillow. Those who have a tendency to sleep on the side and have to consistently use their arm to raise a pillow and perhaps tweak a pillow to half to get the necessary lift will love the shredded memory foam pillow from Coop Home Goods. No more tingling fingers, aching arms and basically not feeling your arms for a few moments every morning owing to the sustained onslaught the previous night.

Thumbs up

  • Premium and reliable pillow without spending too much
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Machine washable – that makes it easier to maintain
  • Facilitates natural ventilation so no more sweaty neck or back of the neck.
  • The memory foam also tweaks itself with your natural movement during sleep, thus not exerting any thrust but accommodating the shape and weight to avert causing neck pain or even the slightest discomfort.
  • The company promises that this will not go flat and comes with 5-year warranty

Thumbs down

  • While this pillow is firm enough, some may want firmer pillows. Given the fact that this pillow accounts for changing contours and weights to support the sleeper in every position, this pillow is not rigid. Those who want rigid pillows may not be ecstatic with this
  • This pillow may come with an odd chemical smell at first but It will eventually gone after a few days of using it

As you can see, we covered the good things about this pillow and why it is the best-selling pillow in Amazon. With the ability to fluff up or to be beaten down, the support for the head and neck in alignment with the back and amazing assistance for those who sleep on the side, the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover is indeed the best pillow for side sleepers!

Check Price on Amazon Now

2)Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

A thick pillow that will suit side sleepers.

If your pillow provides too much of warm and stiffness, you are unlikely to feel good on the bed. As a great solution for this, you can use another side sleeper pillow called Iso–Cool Memory Foam Pillow from Sleep Better.  You can experience a whole new level of comfort with this Cool Memory Foam pillows. Because of the special make of this born-smart pillow, you can enjoy a luxurious sleep during winter and summer equally.

Iso Cool pillows are made of supreme quality materials that can assure maximum comfort. These inventive and high standard materials can adjust to the body’s changing temperature because of outlast adaptive comfort characteristics of them. Nothing else feels better like your pillow changes its temperature to match your body heat. The secret behind this unique characteristic is the microscopic Phase Change Material (PCM) beads. They have the ability to sense if your body’s temperature is too cool or too warm. If it detects the body temperature as “too warm”, the contents of the pillow will absorb the excess heat and make you to feel cool. This is called regulating body’s temperature. On the other hand, if the body’s temperature is “too cool” the contents of the pillow can react against it. Then, they will produce heat to regulate the body temperature. These two features can assure the perfect comfort of the body regardless of your body’s temperature.

Iso products have the reputation for having the highest available concentration of PCMs making sure that the perfect comfort is offered to you. Adding more value to the product, these Iso Cool Pillows come with two luxurious and supportive fills. They are spiral spun polyester and visco-elastic foams. The topper of the Iso pillow is available in polyester and a high density visco elastic foam mattress pad with a polyester cover.

Adding more reliability to the product, Iso-Cool is registered in U.S.A. and that is where its patent is registered and the office is located. The dimensions of the pillow toppers are 16 x 22 x 2 inches. These Iso-Cool mattress toppers are available separately to purchase.

Thumbs up

  • The cover is hypoallergenic that is easy to remove and wash
  • Keeps your head cool throughout the night. Thanks to its Phase Change Material
  • Not too firm nor too soft. It really feels supportive
  • A thick pillow – about five and a half thick support, for total head and neck support

Thumbs down

  • Strong smell right after you opened your package
  • Because of its thickness, you may feel uncomfortable while using it during the first few nights
  • Some users reported that the pillow goes flat after a year or so

Overall, Iso Cool Foam pillow from Sleep Better is an ideal product for regulate your body temperature during sleeping. It is also made of high quality products, and because of the smart characteristics of this product, a better sleeping experience is guaranteed regardless if the season of the year and the temperature of the body. 

Check Price on Amazon Now

3) Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Certainly one of the top rated pillow in the market today.

This memory foam pillow offers great support for your neck and head. Perfect whether you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a pregnant woman. It features a pillow cover with a patented design called “Kool-Flow” that keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Another great thing about this pillow is it can adjust to different body types and sizes.

It is also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. It will make you more comfortable and help you to sleep better at night. The pillow is also fully machine washable and easy to maintain.

Have you ever bought a pillow and the company emailed you to know how you are faring? Well, before sending this pillow to me, they messaged me via email, thanking me for my purchase. In addition to that, they took their time, briefing me about their brand, how they manufacture the pillows and most importantly how I will receive it.  That’s the importance of customer satisfaction

Thumbs up

  • Unique “Kool-Flow” pillow cover that will help to regulate your temperature and keep your cool especially at night
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers 90-day refund and 20 years life span! – Imagine that

Thumbs down

  • A little heavy
  • Hard and stiff according to some users

The only memory foam pillow in the market that offers a 90-day refund and promises that their pillow will last for 20 years, there is no reason not to try the Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam pillow. The company cares so much about the users, they will immediately email you and ask about your experience using the pillow.

Check Price on Amazon Now

4)Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow is a therapeutic soft type of pillow made from allergenic polyester. Composing of three layers, the first layer of the Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow consists of hypo-allergenic polyester fibre which gives the smoothness and optimum comfort during the long hours of sleep.

The second layer consists of thermal insulating stuff which hinders the body heat loss. This is exactly what makes it exclusive from other foam pillows which draw body heat from the neck, head, shoulders and spine. The final layer is a thin water pouch that is set at the bottom to give user-adjustable assistance for the neck. The water pouch of the pillow will be filled with water based on the measurement that you want.

How to use the water base pillow:

mediflow instructions - the benefits of using a waterbased side sleeper pillow

Carefully follow the instruction for a better sleeping experience.

Thumbs up

  • Specially designed to improve sleep
  • Medically proved to enhance patient’s sleeping routine in 4 way tactic and neck pain
  • The water level in it can be adjusted by simply adding or removing water. This enables you to modify the loft and hardness of the pillow to satisfy your preferences
  • The Pillow conforms to your head and neck area enabling them to completely relax without having pressure points

Thumbs down

  • It can be heavy since they are filled with water. Fully filled, they can weigh up to 15 pounds or even more
  • Another drawback is that the water in the pillow can make noise while your head is on it should you fail to remove the air completely from it

There are individuals who are allergic to the cotton often used as fillings for pillows consequently; Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow will function effectively for them. Pillows that are very high can affect backbone muscles and even circulation in the brain.

Likewise, pillows that are very low can lead to excessive blood flow to the brain, leading to discomfort when you wake up with swollen eyelids and can be particularly hazardous to individuals who already have hypertension.

If you are looking for a sleep aid that is secure to try and simultaneously cost-effective, Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow might just be all you need. With the Mediflow Waterbase pillow you get the soft comfort required to achieve sleep immediately and also reduce sleep interruptions.

Check Price on Amazon Now

5) Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

As you can see, memory foam pillows are quite popular for side sleepers looking for their best pillow ever.

The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is made by Good Life Essentials, a USA based company. Good Life essentials has done a good job by making the pillow with bamboo cover that makes it cool throughout your sleep. I love this feature of the pillow so much. The pillow is made with hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials. This mean it is completely safe and you can sleep in any position you want. The pillow helps to promote proper alignment and reduce tossing and turning during sleep. Besides, it holds your head perfectly, giving you a good sleep. You can easily wash it too with a machine.

Thumbs up

  • Density and weight is good enough to support your head and neck
  • Keeping you cool at night
  • Firm and reliable pillow

Thumbs down

  • Similar with other memory foam pillows, this pillow also comes with a chemical like smell that will go away after a few days
  • Big and heavy – It can also take up some space on your bed
  • May be too firm for some users because it is heavily stuffed

This pillow has premium feel on it and can support you during your sleep. It is also slightly cheaper than the leading brands in the market.

Check Price on Amazon Now


Normally, the reason why we invest in pillows is that they help to keep our head in proper alignment while resting on them, and one’s head is meant to be perpendicular to the shoulders and should not be bent too far in any direction.

Thus for side sleepers, sleeping with a pillow that is likely overly soft may cause one’s head to lay too low, allowing a downward curve in your neck. And also utilizing a pillow that’s too thick may initiate an upward curve. Thus none of these two categories are comfortable or healthy for restful sleep.

Below are simple ways to choose the right and best pillows for side sleepers like you:

  • Side sleepers have to choose pillows that are firmer and fuller as it helps to create enough more space to fill between one’s head and the bed. And note that softer or thinner pillow categories don’t offer enough support.
  • When you go for these pillows, also try them in their varieties and then come up with your conclusion which amongst the tested ones delivers to you the right comfort.
  • Determining what type of pillow you should look for that can make you sleep easier.
  • You should also check out for adjustable pillow types. This permits you to modify both firmness and attic of the pillow to your personal choices.

In conclusion, note that choosing only the best side sleeper pillows will offer full assistance for both your head and neck and allow you sleep comfily.

Types of Side Sleeper Pillows

Primarily, there is a range of kind of pillows available for side sleepers which they can utilize to make their sleep time more comfortable. Let’s have a look at some of the most recommended pillows for side sleepers:

Memory Foam Pillows:

Pillow for side sleeper.

The Memory Foam Stuffing.

Regarded as one of the most popular and best pillows for side sleepers. Accredited for its contour shape, memory foam pillows are on another level when it comes to comfort and support its provides. It quickly adapts to your body type and you will have an easier time tossing and turning around. They are well built and therefore do not lose their shape over the course of time. They easily last for a long time because of their firmness. And today, they are surely known as one of the best pillows for side sleepers around the world.

Feather Filled Pillows:

Side sleeper pillow reviews by Pillowfiesta

Pillows with this kind of stuffing are light and soft in nature.

Filled with natural materials, feather filled pillows like this product, are soft and definitely one of the lightest pillow around the market. It provides good support to the head and allows the necessary circulation as required by the human body. While it is soft and comfortable, one aspect that hinders the success of feather filled pillows is that it’s not durable over longer periods of time. It tends to lose its shape in time and thus needs replacement often. Nevertheless, some users opt for this type for it anyway.

Buckwheat Pillows:

organic side sleeper pillow

If you prefer organic, go for this kind of pillows.

If you prefer an organic pillow you can consider buying a buckwheat pillow. These pillows are made of hulls of buckwheat which keeps them firm and durable over time. Unlike the feather filled ones, these pillows stand the test of time as well. Additionally, these pillows do not store much heat and therefore provide the required comfort to side sleepers throughout their sleep time. They are also refillable so you can adjust them to suit your needs. However, buckwheat pillows are heavy, approximately 5-9 pounds, and a bit denser. Otherwise, buckwheat pillows are a great choice for side sleepers!

Latex Pillows:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.29.04 AM

Click the photo to see other people reviews.

Latex pillows also provide great support to the head and neck; thus killing off any possibilities or dangers of neck and shoulder strains. Latex pillows have commendable resistance and are therefore often opted by side sleepers! As with other types of pillows, the downside of latex pillows is that they are admittedly expensive. However, though they are pricey, their durability is what hails them as a good alternative choice for side sleepers.

If you are a side sleeper and are looking for a suitable pillow, be sure to read our reviews and dig into the other user reviews and material descriptions before concluding the final decision. Your sleep time is precious and your pillow has the power to ease or ruin it!

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